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Auto A/C Service in Aliso Viejo

When the temperatures start getting warmer and the interior of our cars start to swelter, the air conditioning system acts as an important relief. The best time to ensure that your vehicle's AC functions efficiently and perfectly for enhanced interior comfort is before the temperatures start rising so you don’t find yourself having to drive in the unbearable heat without your beloved ac. If you feel that your auto AC system has a problem, count on our trained and experienced professionals to offer quality automotive repair and services.

As a full-service auto service center in Aliso Viejo, CA, Super Service of Aliso Viejo specializes in providing solutions for any problem your car has, whether it's major or minor. That means that vehicle AC repair is a problem that our certified technicians can tackle with ease. We have technologically updated equipment that we use during our AC diagnostics which allow us to accurately identify any problem at hand. Once we determine the issue, we provide you with our honest recommendations and a full estimate of any services.

Signs of a Problematic Auto AC System

The following are some signs that your vehicle's AC has a problem:

  • AC only blows hot air
  • Bad interior odor
  • No air coming out of the system
  • A rattling sound when turned on

Auto AC Repair Inspection

If your car's AC is releasing hot air or is blocked completely, the best thing you can do is bring your car to our shop for a professional AC inspection. Our skilled technicians will visually inspect the AC system's critical components for leaks and faults during the evaluation. They'll check the seals, lines, hoses, compressor, and AC belt for any cracks or signs of wear.

Following a successful inspection, our ASE-certified master technicians may suggest refrigerant recharge or the replacement of specific parts, such as the compressor. Additionally, the drive belt controls many components. Therefore, a cracked or broken belt can have detrimental effects on the entire AC system.

Our Auto AC Repair Services

We understand that a vehicle's AC system is made up of many connected components. That's the reason we provide a wide range of auto AC repair and replacement solutions. These include:

  • Evaluation and recharging of the AC system
  • Repair and replacement of specific components
  • Tweaking or changing the AC control unit
  • AC leak diagnostics and repairs
  • Climate control servicing

If you notice any signs of a bad AC system in your vehicle, don't hesitate to bring your car to Super Service of Aliso Viejo today!