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Brake Inspection in Aliso Viejo

As a driver, your driving safety is paramount. That's why you always need to ensure you have a standard brake inspection routine. Besides, it helps you to save money on repair costs. Super Service of Aliso Viejo provides quality brake inspections and recommends the necessary repairs to keep your vehicle's braking performance at its peak.

A family-owned auto service center, Super Service of Aliso Viejo is proud to be of service to Aliso Viejo car owners since 1992. We have a crew of ASE-certified master technicians who have decades of experience and have worked with a variety of brake systems on all different makes and models of vehicles. Therefore, they have the experience, skill, and trained eyes to pick up issues in various brake components.

Red Flags that You Need to Get Your Brakes Inspected

Before a brake issue becomes complicated (to warrant replacement or repairs), the system delivers some tell-tale signs that you need to visit a professional auto shop for inspection. Here are the five common warning signs:

  • Clicking sound when braking
  • Sharp squealing when the brake pedal is free
  • The vehicle's jerks to one side when braking
  • Brake pedals vibrating when pressed
  • The braking system takes time to respond

What to Expect During Brake System Inspection

When performing a brake inspection, our technicians will conduct a visual inspection of the braking system's components. The process involves:

  • Measuring the brake pads to check for the extent of wear
  • Checking the brake rotors for any distortion or dents
  • Evaluating the brake fluid's condition
  • Inspection of brake lines, calipers, master cylinder, and more

Most braking issues are associated with worn brake pads or low fluid levels. During our inspection, we remove the wheel to access the brake discs, pads, rotors, and calipers. This allows for an inspection of the brake pads for wear-n-tear, rotors for any warpage, or calipers to ensure they are not stuck. We also check the quality and level of the brake fluid. If we detect any issue, we will give the full details of the faulty parts and recommend the necessary repairs or replacements.

Finding professional brake inspection services in Aliso Viejo can be challenging, but with Super Service of Aliso Viejo, you can experience affordable, friendly, timely, and client-centric auto repair services. Trust our experts with your vehicle, and we will provide unmatched brake inspection solutions.