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How to Check the Condition of Your Brakes

If your vehicle has disc brakes (most do), then you probably know the importance of changing your brake pads. When you apply pressure to the pedals, the brake pads get pushed onto the disc, creating the necessary friction to slow down your car.

Over time, these pads will wear down and become less effective at stopping your vehicle. How often you need to change them out depends on a few things: where you drive, how often you drive, and how liberal you are when using your brakes. Regular brake checks are essential to ensure you're safe on the road. Here are some ways to tell if your brake pads need replacing:

Listen for sounds when braking

Sometimes listening is all it takes to figure out if something is wrong. Some brake pads have metal indicators that grind together when it's time to replace them. When you hear the squeak, it's time to take your car to the repair shop.

Check for vibration in the brake pedal 

Not only can brake pads give your audible cues, but they'll also alert you through pulses in your brake pedal. If you feel a random vibration in the brake pedal, it can mean your brake pads need to be replaced, or your rotors are damaged. Please bring your car to the experts at Super Service of Aliso Viejo to be sure. 

Visually examine the brake pads through the rim of the wheel

You can give your brake pads a peak without removing the wheel. You might notice the rotor and the caliper while you're at it. Inside the caliper, you will see the brake pads. Most brake pads have wear indicators that you can look at to examine their thickness. 

Have a professional technician inspect the brakes

If you've tried the methods above and are still unsure whether your brakes need service, you should proceed to contact a professional mechanic. The Super Service of Aliso Viejo team has the right skills and knowledge to let you know if it's time for new brake pads.


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