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How to Keep Your Brakes in Good Shape

Your vehicle's braking system is the most vital safety feature in any car, which is why you should replace them at the first sign of wear. Your brake pads will last approximately 50,000 miles, but the number can differ depending on road conditions and personal driving habits. We've put together our best tips to extend the life of your brakes!


Tip #1 - No Speeding

There's always harm in speeding, even for your brakes. If you attempt to hit a full stop after hiking up your RPM, you contribute to your brake pads' premature wear. Brake pads wear out faster when there is more energy they have to dissipate. If you slow down in progression, you can keep your brake pads longer. 

Tip #2 - Use 1 Foot to Brake

As you probably read and practiced all the way back in Driver's Ed class, you should only have one foot on either the brake and acceleration foot pedals. Using both feet on your pedals is a horrible habit to get into because you will tend to brake tap more often than needed. 

Tip #3 - Unload Unnecessary Weight From Your Vehicle

If you tend to carry and store a lot of random junk in your vehicle, all those things can weigh a ton. If you plan to haul around heavy loads, try to keep it at a minimum. Heavy items will lead to strain on your brake pads, leading to premature wear.

Tip #4 - Flush Your Brakes

Auto professionals suggest that your brakes should be bled and flushed every few years. Brake flushes will maintain your brakes, make them operate more effectively, and keep the parts in the brake system running longer. Maintenance of brakes is required because external factors, such as moisture, can cause corrosion and reduce the lifespan of brake parts.


Brake Service in Aliso Viejo, CA

Let us know if these tips help you out. If you require a brake pad exchange or flushing your brakes, you can trust our expert team to get the job done. We invite you to the Super Service of Aliso Viejo today!