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How to Make Your Windshield Wipers Last

Windshield wipers are such a crucial part of our cars that they ensure our safety by helping us see through rain, snow, or fog when we drive. However, wipers can be very annoying if they aren't doing their job well. You'll need to stay on top of when they need to be replaced. Some symptoms of aging or failing wipers include skipping, streaking, and squeaking. Ultimately, they will end up impairing your perception of the road. According to manufacturers, you should replace your windshield wipers every six months to a year. However, they can also become impaired if not taken care of properly. To help extend the life of your windshield wipers, follow these tips:

  • Clean your windshield! Cleaning your windscreen will minimize the amount of dirt and debris that sticks to your wiper blades. 
  • Wipe down your wipers. As you continually use them, your wipers blades collect dust and dirt. You can wash the rubber blades to help them stay in good condition.
  • Use a rubber protectant. On top of wiping your blades, you can also apply a rubber protectant on the rubbery parts of the blade to preserve its effectiveness.
  • Avoid running your wipers on a dry windshield. It is common sense, but you shouldn't have them on unless you have trouble seeing through your windscreen.
  • Try to park out of the sun. The sun will dry out the wipers faster. Extreme heat can also distort them.
  • Inspect your windshield wipers often. A good time to take a look and clean your windshield and wipers is whenever you stop to get fuel. 

Next time you come in for a service, such as an oil change, ask your mechanic to check your windshield wipers and enough windshield fluid. If you notice that your windshield wipers aren't performing well as they used to, communicate this with your technician. At Super Service of Aliso Viejo, we can replace your windshield wipers for your convenience. If your vehicle requires any repairs or maintenance, we welcome you to bring it to our shop today!