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How To Reduce Your Vehicle’s Effect On Mother Nature

Photo by andreas160578 on Pixabay 


Every time we put out more waste than the environment can withstand, we build up our 'carbon footprint' of toxins on the planet. Unchecked industrialization in many countries is primarily the problem, and the U.S. is one of the biggest violators. What can anyone do to change that?


The common misconception about global warming and pollution is that the human race is killing Mother Earth. This isn't accurate, as the Earth will shoulder on for millions of years after we are gone and eventually right itself again. What we're doing is killing ourselves by making the planet inhospitable for human life. It will be a long time before we can find a way to turn our situation around. 


Although we love getting in our cars and heading to new places, the small act of driving is one of the worst things for our environment when it comes to the number of active vehicles in the world. Internal combustion vehicles produce a nominal amount of carbon dioxide, but there are so many of them on our roads that we've already done too much damage to the environment.


That's not to be pessimistic. Every small act is a chain of good that can strengthen as others add to it. We, as drivers, can reduce our carbon footprint and keep Mother Nature in mind when we are driving. 

Buying electric or hybrid cars. Hybrids use less gas, and electrics don't use any. 


Inflate your tires to improve gas mileage. Improving the efficiency of your car means reducing the waste from your vehicle. Make sure with every long trip that you inflate your tires to the proper level.


Reduce idling. Turning the car off when waiting is better than leaving a vehicle running for the convenience of a quicker exit.


Drive less. Combining trips, staying home, carpooling, or walking/bicycling are ways to reduce a car's emissions.


Keep your car maintained. With proper maintenance and the previous steps, a car can do much less damage to the environment over time.

Making sure that your car is well maintained can help to improve the environment as cars perform better when they are up to date on maintenance. Please help us protect Mother Nature and schedule an appointment at Super Service to keep your vehicle updated. Before heading out on the road, don't forget to schedule an appointment at Super Service to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape. We look forward to seeing you soon!