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5 Signs of Misaligned Wheels

The angles at which your wheels sit can determine the overall safety of your car ride. Your vehicle’s wheels need to be perpendicular to the road for you to maintain control over your car’s movements and turns. That is why wheel alignment is a major maintenance item that you cannot skip.

Driving habits and external factors can impact your wheel alignment. One wrong move, such as ramming into a pothole, can knock them out of alignment. You might not notice the minor effects at first. But over time, your wheels can become lopsided, and tires will wear unevenly. To prevent this devastation from happening to you, we are here to educate you on the top signs to look for when it comes to poorly aligned wheels. 

Sign #1 - Crooked Steering Wheel 

A crooked or off-centered steering wheel is one of the most obvious signs that your wheel alignment is off. If it can’t be returned to its proper center position, please have your alignment checked immediately.

Sign #2 - Shakiness 

Driving with poorly aligned wheels over an extended period can cause your tires to strain themselves. You may notice vibrations while driving as a result. 

Sign #3 - Uneven Tire Treads

If your tires are showing more signs of wear in certain spots than others, you should consult with a professional about what is causing the problem. It could be due to tire misalignment.

Sign #4 - Squealing Tires 

In addition to vibrations, your tires can also squeal or squeak when you drive with poor wheel alignment. The uneven treads can cause the yelp. Tired of noisy driving? Have your wheels’ angles checked at Super Service of Aliso Viejo. 

Sign #5 - Veering Left or Right

One of the most apparent signs of wheel misalignment is the inability to drive straight. When your wheels are pointed incorrectly, you don’t feel safe driving taking your hands off for even the slightest second because your vehicle will not naturally drive straight. If your vehicle constantly leans in a direction, please get a wheel alignment soon.
If you are dealing with any of the warning signs above, we welcome you to Super Service of Aliso Viejo for a proper wheel alignment. We promise to take care of our customers and get them whatever they need to stay safe on the road. Please give us a call or schedule your appointment online today.