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Monthly Archives: June 2023

Why is Front-Wheel Drive The Safest Option

Why is Front-Wheel Drive The Safest Option

Throughout the years, ever since they were made, vehicles have evolved, but one of the biggest advancements is the different types of drivetrains. A vehicle can be either front-wheel drive(FWD), rear-wheel drive(RWD), or all-wheel drive(AWD or 4WD). All of them have distinct advantages, but there is most certainly a winner - the all-wheel drive. However, what about the other two you might ask? Well, there is a heated debate about which one is better. If you are interested in which one is better in our opinion and why, continue reading. Our Opinion       For us, there is a clear winner. That's the FWD system. This is because of a few advantages, which we will go over below, but the short answer is because of safety. Front-wheel drive offers better stability and the ability to control the vehicle - especially in bad weather conditions. For this reason alone, we think that it's the winner. Key Advantages of FWD     &nb ... read more

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