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Why is Front-Wheel Drive The Safest Option

Throughout the years, ever since they were made, vehicles have evolved, but one of the biggest advancements is the different types of drivetrains. A vehicle can be either front-wheel drive(FWD), rear-wheel drive(RWD), or all-wheel drive(AWD or 4WD). All of them have distinct advantages, but there is most certainly a winner - the all-wheel drive. However, what about the other two you might ask? Well, there is a heated debate about which one is better. If you are interested in which one is better in our opinion and why, continue reading.

Our Opinion      

For us, there is a clear winner. That's the FWD system. This is because of a few advantages, which we will go over below, but the short answer is because of safety. Front-wheel drive offers better stability and the ability to control the vehicle - especially in bad weather conditions. For this reason alone, we think that it's the winner.

Key Advantages of FWD      

In the previous paragraph, we took a look at the main advantage of the FWD system, but there are more. Luckily you will find them listed below! Here are a few:

  • Better center of gravity: A clear advantage is the closest center of gravity to the engine, meaning the vehicle is much less likely to drift and lose traction. It also means that you can drive through corners much faster.
  • Even tire wear: When the center of gravity is more balanced, and the wheels don’t lose traction, the obvious outcome is that the tires wear evenly. Better tire wear means that you won’t change them as often.
  • Better fuel efficiency: Another bonus is that your MPGs go up! How? Well, the simple answer is that the vehicle is being pulled by the front wheels in comparison with being pushed by the rear wheels.
  • Easier repairs: FWD systems are much simpler to repair than any other kind. This is due to the simpler components and the proximity of the engine.

FWD, RWD, and AWD System Repairs!      

If your drivetrain needs repairs or you simply want to check up on it, visit us at Super Service of Aliso Viejo! Our team will be happy to help and get you back on the road ASAP.