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5 Tips When It Comes to Washing Your Car at Home

With spring finally among us, some of you probably have spring cleaning at the top of your list. While it is beneficial to tidy up your home, don't forget about your car! Some people even go as far as not washing their car in the winter. And if you're one of those drivers, it's about time. Before you grab a bucket and a hose, here are some crucial at-home car washing tips you must know:

Utilize a microfiber cloth

While some of you may grab a rough rag or worn t-shirt to wash your car, it can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Rugged materials like those can put scratches on your car, so please stick to microfiber fabrics.

Use the two buckets instead of one

One container should hold the dirty soap and water while the other should only hold clean water. When washing, using two separate buckets will ensure you aren't reapplying dirt on your car.

Focus on the wheels

The wheels are what you need to pay attention to when it comes to car washes, considering it's the only part that makes contact with the road. Spray the water around the wheel and the undercarriage to remove dust, dirt, and any salt left behind from the winter.

Don't forget to vacuum

The inside of your car is just as important as the outside. While you're working hard to freshen up your vehicle, don't forget to get rid of the dust, hair, crumbs, and all the other junk that has been inhabiting your car.

NEVER use soaps or detergents 

This is one of the most common mistakes that car owners make. While these options are easily accessible, dish soaps and laundry detergent are incredibly harsh. They are made to strip grease, oil, and grime; therefore, you may run the risk of stripping your car paint. Instead, please invest in a soap made for vehicles.


The Super Service of Aliso Viejo team is here to offer advice and help you with your car care this spring. For reliable auto services and car maintenance, we welcome you to bring your car to Super Service of Aliso Viejo.