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A Love Letter to a Dying Car

Photo by Orzalaga on Pixabay

Have you ever had to say a hard goodbye to a good partner? One that carried you when life had you down and all you could do is coast? Here’s a look at someone saying goodbye– a love letter to a dying car:


My Dearest Pathfinder,


I’m in the waiting room of the auto repair shop right now, and my mechanic seems to be preparing me for the worst news. So I’m sitting here, thinking about a future without you, thinking about that last pass I’ll have to make to collect all the items that are still inside you before I get a ride home and they take you away for scrap.


I don’t know when I stopped paying attention. But at some point, I did. Maybe it was because you were so reliable, so dependable. But it’s clear to me that I took you for granted. When money got a little tight, I worried and I didn’t preserve you. Looking back, I could have worked it all out, but I didn’t do that.


Sitting here, I’m thinking back to all the times you came through for me. How you kept me safe through the first two phases of the pandemic and dry in many storms. The times I went numb inside you over bad things in my life and you sheltered me and made me feel safe and secure. 


I’m remembering all the little ways you made my commutes better. We had marvelous fun together, and I’m not really ready to say goodbye to you. But I may not have much of a choice now. The mechanic thinks the cost of fixing you now might be more than buying another car. And as I need a vehicle for my commute, I’m going to have to spend the money I don’t have to replace you. 


I wish I had been smarter with you. More caring. I wish I had looked after you and invested more in your good health. I would have loved a few more years of adventure and even a few more years of humdrum errands with you. You were a good car. Maybe my favorite car ever. 


I resented every anomaly. Every car repair I was told that I needed, I convinced myself you were letting me down. Now I know the opposite was the truth. I coveted newer, shinier models at times. But I know now that you only let me down when you were falling apart, because I neglected you. 


Next time I’ll pay more attention to my vehicle’s upkeep. I won’t put off repairs. I’ll look into fluid exchanges. I’ll bring that new vehicle in for the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance. But I’ll always think of you as I do it, and miss our time together. And I’ll be poorer for it. 

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