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Five Reasons Why Spring Is Ideal For Auto Maintenance

Welcome back, spring-- a time for new beginnings and new adventures. Is your car in good enough condition to travel? The roads are clear, the weather is nice, and hopefully, your car is running smoothly. 
Here are five reasons why springtime is the perfect time to get maintenance for your vehicle: 

  • Spring is the time for renewal. The winter weather is very hard on a car, especially your starter and alternator. It takes your car’s battery extra effort to get your vehicle going. Now that its spring, and hearts are lighter, you should give your car some renewing energy. Test your battery, starter, and alternator. Get your fluids topped off (such as engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, automatic transmission fluid, etc.). This kind of attention to your car’s needs will help identify any underlying issues. 
  • Roads are clear from the snow and storms. With the worst weather gone after wintertime, you’re free again to enjoy the open road in moderate spring. But that means those roads will soon be busier. It’s best to get an early assessment of any needs your car has before the crowds begin and you are too busy to devote the time.  
  • Springtime means it’s time for you to start driving more. Driving a safe car is very important. An inspection can establish that your vehicle is safe and driveable. Preventative maintenance is the key to a safe, reliable vehicle.  
  • A moderate temperature makes it easier to service your car. Spring is the best time to bring your vehicle in for maintenance. All of the bad weather on your car in the wintertime could have caused damage to your vehicle. Spring weather is an excellent time for a mechanic to identify any significant or minor problems with your car, as cold temperatures tend to make your fluids run thick and hot weather tends to make your engine run hot. 
  • You can go on vacation in your car in the best condition. Going on vacation can be a great life experience, but to protect that trip, it is essential to make sure that your tires are rotated or replaced. You do not want to risk a sudden blowout or bulges in your tires. When you have your tires checked and rotated, it would be wise to have your alignment and shocks checked to make sure your passengers will have a comfortable ride in your car. 

It’s springtime, and it’s time for your car renewed and refreshed for the road. Bring your vehicle to the auto mechanics at Super Service of Aliso Viejo, and let us put your mind at ease with an inspection. We have the best-qualified mechanics to make sure you are safe and ready to drive. Schedule an appointment today! We look forward to seeing you soon!