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Five Ways To Get Your Family Vehicle Ready For Spring Break

It’s March, which means it’s the first point in the new year that people start planning road trips. With COVID-19 vaccinations underway, we may see heavy road congestions this year during Spring Break.

What about your family? Do you have plans for a week-long getaway? If you’re planning on taking a trip this Spring Break, it’s essential to know the five ways to get the family vehicle ready for a Spring Break excursion:

  1. Check your brakes. Brakes are number one for a reason. Spring weather can mean slick roads and ice. Check how often your car’s manufacturer says to replace the pads, and if there’s any indication that you need to replace them already (squealing, shaking, or the car pulling left or right), schedule maintenance with your mechanic.
  2. Check out the suspension. Your suspension is essential, not just to your family’s comfort, but to stay on the road. Heed the signs of a suspension breakdown.
  3. Check the cooling system. Your radiator, belts, and hoses are the second most prevalent cause of vehicle breakdowns. Don’t strand yourself or your family. It would be best if you had them looked over for breaks and leaks.
  4. Check your tires. Be sure to look for tread wear and air pressure. Check to see how long it’s been since they were balanced.
  5. Top up all the fluids. If an oil filter, lube, and oil change is coming due, go ahead and include it in pre-trip maintenance. When a mechanic tops up your fluids, they also tend to find other lurking issues, so it’s doubly wise to get this done.

There’s no reason to worry about these things unless you charge ahead with a road trip without considering these things. Just bring your car to the qualified mechanics at Super Service and let us put your worries to rest, and make sure your trip will be safe in the planning. Schedule an appointment and let us know if you need to reserve a loaner car. We look forward to seeing you soon!