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Fun Costume Ideas To Dress Up Your Car For Halloween


Photo by Amber Avalona on Pixabay

Before we jump into fun costume ideas for your car this Halloween, we want to address something even scarier:  Disruption in the auto repair supply chain! 

There is a shortage of workers, a shortage in parts, and, unfortunately, a lack of patience. Remember when COVID began in 2020, and there was a shortage of toilet paper? Well, the supply chain eventually worked itself out, and we finally got what we needed. However, the dominoes of the global pandemic continue to fall, including delays in getting the parts we need to repair vehicles.

For the supply shortage to be less scary, here’s what we recommend. If our team informs you that your vehicle needs a specific service, it will benefit you if you move forward with that repair or service. Why? We see many parts go into backorder, and if you delay that repair, it could create a situation where you have to wait longer to drive your vehicle. 

We are not saying this to scare the daylights out of you, but we want you to consider the parts availability and that the parts shortage is expected to drag on for another 12 - 18 months! Yes, it’s that scary! 

The good news is, together, we will get through this. We promise that we are not trying to hold your car captive. We only ask for kindness, understanding, and patience as we work through these interesting times.

Now, onto our regularly scheduled topic:  Halloween, one of our favorite holidays.

Halloween is such a fun holiday! It grants kids a chance to dress up and confront their fears of monsters. Perhaps you are just too serious of a person to dress up for Halloween, even if you'd very much like to. Have you considered costuming your car? 

Some gift shops have costume accessories designed for cars. Why not switch things up and dress your vehicle up in a costume for Halloween? Here are some car costume ideas that are sure to get a laugh.


  • Scary: Create a haunted theme in your vehicle with a skeleton in the driver's seat to give people a good scare. You could also put a fake human hand in the trunk to make it look like someone is trapped. Just remember: don't do anything that could get your car pulled over!

  • Personality: Put a simple mustache or a fun pair of eyelashes on your car to give your vehicle a bit of personality, especially if your vehicle's front grill seems to have a 'face.' 

  • New Car: Print out a fake logo to put over your car's current logo, or make a spooky rebranding of your vehicle (change TESLA to TERROR or Cooper to Killer)!

  • Creature: Open the trunk and add fake teeth around the inside of the trunk to make it look like the car is a shark or a scary monster. You could also add teeth to the front of the car. (Make sure the costume bits do not interfere with the engine's operation!)

Have fun with these costumes, and be mindful of the importance of driving safe on Halloween. For maintenance on your vehicle before trick or treating, please schedule an appointment at Super Service to keep your vehicle updated. Before heading out on the road, don't forget to schedule an appointment at Super Service to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape. We look forward to seeing you soon!