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Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Car

Photo by Ryan Wallace on Unsplash


December is here, and Christmas is around the corner! We hope the season has plenty of nice surprises in store for you and your family this year. Soon it will be time to do a little holiday shopping, and we know that finding the right gifts for people can be hard. 


Of all the people on your list, where does your car fall? It’s been a faithful friend when you’re in need, so why not get it a present or two; to thank it for being there when you needed it the most. That’s why we’ve constructed a list of cool gifts ideas for your car!


Car console vault --Help keep your belongings safe with a secure vault that sits inside of your center console.

Electrical socket hub -- Hubs allows for 4 sockets and 1 USB port, so multiple passengers can charge their devices at once.

Car dog seat cover--For pet owners who want to protect their car from unwanted accidents or shedding from your furry friend.

Car seat caddy -- Keep your belongings from falling between the cracks in your seats.

Window glass phone mount -- This Allows for a hands-free driving experience to prevent accidents and can support heavier phones.


A little Christmas cheer for your car is a gift to you, too. Our vehicles spend all their time getting us to and from our daily endeavors; take the time to give them a little makeover.

Don’t hesitate to treat your car this holiday season! And don’t forget to schedule an appointment at Super Service before Christmas to help your car out with any long holiday trips. And remember to add us on Facebook for news and updates, including our holiday hours! We look forward to seeing you soon.