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How Can Potholes Damage Your Vehicle

Most of us have been instructed to avoid or dodge potholes while driving. In fact, it was probably something you dreaded hearing from driver's ed teachers and parents. Although most of us know that they're bad for our cars, very few know exactly why or how they can affect our ride. Below are the following areas of your vehicle that can be corrupted due to a pothole:

Steering System

When you collide with a pothole, you risk damaging your steering system. Your vehicle may start veering to the left or right while trying to steer straight; in this case, your steering and your alignment are affected, and you will need a wheel alignment to fix the problem. Other signs you may experience include uneven tire wear, squealing tires, or an uncentered steering wheel.


Not only can the alignment of your wheels be affected, but your tires can endure damage, including punctures, bulging sidewalls, and premature wear. To avoid risking a total tire blowout, you should have these problems addressed ASAP.


All tires have metallic rims, which can become dented if you hit a pothole forcefully. Bent or dented rims can be inconvenient to fix, so please be careful with driving around or over potholes.


Continually being careless and running over potholes can also strain your suspension parts, which is supposed to absorb the impact of the bumpy ground. If your ride feels bouncy, you should take your car to our auto repair shop for an inspection.

Undercarriage & Exhaust

Potholes can even harm the parts beneath your vehicle, including the pipes in your exhaust system. If you notice metal scraping noises, leaky fluids, or the exhaust making abnormal sounds, please reach out to a mechanic for help.


If you have to drive over a pothole, please remember to slow down (not brake directly) when approaching the pothole to avoid damages. It would be best to avoid it altogether in some cases by finding a detour. 


Your and your vehicle's safety matters to us, so if you've incurred pothole damage, please bring your car to Super Service of Aliso Viejo for repairs.