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How to Remedy Your Car Sickness

Being in a car for extended periods can cause motion sickness for some people. Unfortunately, the symptoms don’t come to a stop until the car is stopped. That can make your summer road trips a drag. The following remedies may help your motion sickness while traveling:

Keep Looking Forward

If you get motion sickness, it is best that you sit in the front versus the back. More importantly, you can try looking out the window. It can help make you feel more at ease.

Close Your Eyes

Road trip naps are sometimes much-needed after hours of being in the car. Closing your eyes may eliminate the bad feeling. 


Some people claim that chewing gum can help relieve moderate motion sickness. If you don’t have chewing gum, other snacks and sweets can help too. 

Fresh Air

If you’re feeling uneasy in the car, it may help to pull over to a rest stop. Fresh air can make you feel less nauseated. If you’re not feeling like stopping, open a window instead. It’ll allow a fresh stream of air into the car.

Eat Ginger

Ginger comes in various forms, tablets, chewy candy, hard candy, etc. It has been found that ginger has a long history of curing motion sickness. 


You can find various over-the-counter treatments for motion sickness, including Dramamine and Bonine. The only downside of certain medications is that they can make you sleepy.


Car sickness shouldn’t limit you from having fun this summer. We hope some of these tips keep your nausea and dizziness at bay. At Super Service of Aliso Viejo, we want you to be safe on your road travels. If you need your car serviced, we welcome you to give us a call or visit today.