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Items to Pack Before Driving to the Beach

Heading to the beach this summer? Make sure you are summer-ready from the proper vehicle to the suitable swimwear. Getting ready for the beach may require minimal planning but you also must ensure your vehicle is road-ready and road-worthy. Bring your vehicle in today for a check-up before any family trips this summer to ensure the ultimate safe trip.

Packing for the Beach

Loading up your vehicle to head to the beach means you must NOT forget the essentials. First and foremost you must ensure you have adequate life jackets and air floatations for all children and peoples who are unable to swim on their own. This can include water wings as well. When loading up for the beach you cannot forget the floaties and the foot or car air pump to inflate them up ASAP. While the kids are out on the floaties already you can begin setting up the towels, beach blankets, chairs, recliners, umbrellas, and other means of shade. A beach party isn't complete without the cooler full of snacks, juice, and drinks for everyone from the kids to the adults.

Extras for the Beach

Sometimes when packing for the beach you are so excited you may forget some things. Some of the most common and most essential beach items that are forgotten are tissue paper/toilet paper, towels to dry off and sunglasses to protect kid's eyes from the intense sunlight. Other items that may not be as essential but are definitely a favorite would include the following: Kayaks, boats, sandcastle building tools, sand toys, water toys, and more.

Whether you are on a camping trip, family outing, or day trip to the beach you always want to be prepared and ready for summer fun. Don't forget the picnic, the awesome summer tunes, kid's smiles, snacks, drinks, sunshine, and most importantly have fun. If you need your vehicle serviced before this summer season's adventures please stop in at our shop anytime and one of our representatives would be happy to help you. Enjoy this summer at the beach with no worries.