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Looking Ahead

Photo by Mehdi MeSSrro on Unsplash


It’s the first day of 2022, and we’re naturally looking ahead to an interesting new year ahead of us. These are fast times in many industries, and especially in the automotive industry. Changes are in motion, and soon, all the rules will change– forever reshaping the American highway.


California is certainly at the center of it all. We’re the first state in the U.S. to set limits for building permission of gas stations and for the sales of new gas vehicles, pushing many industries into the 21st century and the arrival of EVs. 


We don’t know what’s ahead yet, but we’re very interested in the following new technologies:


Electric Vehicles - Already on the market and popular, EVs are fighting to be the next natural progression after combustion vehicles. With brands like Volvo and Volkswagen changing over to an half-electric platform, there’s now pressure on all manufacturers to do the same, and not be the last company holding on to combustion technology when the market shifts. There’s also upstarts like Switch Vehicles, selling electric car kits that students can learn to build as part of their vocational studies.


Hydrogen Vehicles - The key to Hydrogen’s popularity is how quickly it can recharge. Unlike electric vehicles, a hydrogen vehicle can be refueled in minutes. The objection HVs face is that they use a volatile combustible, meaning that accidents in an electric may be potentially safer than with a HV. 


Flying Cars - there are many things in the work, but the closest one to completion appears to be the Aeromobil, which has us fanning ourselves and finding out how much a pilot’s license costs.


Self-Driving Cars - Cars that can park themselves are already here. Self-driving taxis have been slated for 2023. Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta has been going on for some time now on California highways. Even Google has announced a fully-autonomous self-driving car. It’s coming fast, probably faster than our roads are ready for!

Wherever technology takes us in the next eight years, Super Service will be there, learning how to repair and master whatever technology comes of age first. If you need assistance with your current car, schedule an appointment at Super Service and let us get you back on the road. And remember to add us on Facebook for news and updates! We look forward to seeing you soon.