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Our Favorite Summer Road Trip Playlists

Photo by Helen Varetska on Unsplash

Welcome to the new Blog! We hope summer in Aliso Viejo is treating you and the ones you love very well. Now, as we hot the peak holiday travel hours, we’re looking at some of our favorite playlists for summer traveling on Spotify!

Road trips sure can be long and tedious, but nothing pumps up a long journey and breaks up turnpike hypnosis like a perfect playlist, provided that everyone can get along with the music. Grab some snacks, load in your luggage and your family, and load up a great mix of tunes so that everyone gets a little bit of their favorite along the way!

If you find yourself against the wall for some music planning and need some ideas, here’s a selection of great playlists from Spotify that can bop along to these summer road trip playlists on the way to your next destination:

  • Family-Friendly Road Trip Playlist - this one’s incredibly kind to Boomers, as well as their grandkids. A great mix of radio hits, many from movie soundtracks, so that everyone can get along.

  • 2021 Summer Travel Playlist - This mix is for the hip kids-- hip-hop, that is. It’s filled with new tasty acts and a few surprises from yesteryear. It’s a fun set but very much a modern vibe-- Luddites beware.

  • Summer/Traveling Playlist - this one might just deserve a nickname like Family Reunion. It’s contemporary but a bit easier across the generations.

  • Summer Road Trip Songs - This is just like a great sampling of modern radio. It’s filled with songs you hear today and some you might miss from when they played them all the time.

  • ROAD TRIP - this playlist is an adventure! Race into a great mix of good beats.

  • The Ultimate Roadtrip Playlist - Just like the previous one, this is a soundtrack to adventure! It’s packed with bouncy radio tunes everyone can love.

We hope these playlists will come in handy on the road. Don’t forget before heading out on the road to schedule an appointment at Super Service to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape. Schedule an appointment today. We look forward to seeing you soon!