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Signs Your Serpentine Belt is Failing

A car has necessary peripheral devices that enhance the functionality of the internal combustion engine. The devices, which include a power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, and water pump, cannot function optimally without the serpentine belt's help. The serpentine is the central engine belt that resembles a snake and is characterized by distinct ridges on one side of the belt. When the engine is turned on, the serpentine belt continues running until the car is shut off.

Many experts recommend a serpentine change after 50,000 miles or after five years. Some last for 80,000 miles, but it is always recommended to always consult the car manual for the exact intervals. Heat and friction subjected to the serpentine subject it to failure, and there is a need for a replacement to guarantee a smooth and safe drive.

Different warning signs can indicate a failing serpentine. It is essential to make appropriate serpentine replacements on time to prevent road mishaps like getting stranded. Watch out for these warning signs.

Power Steering Failure

A sudden failure in your car's power steering might indicate a failing serpentine. The belt might fail at pulling the pulley at flipped, and thus the pump fails to generate adequate pressure for the steering to work well. If the power steering fluid in the reservoir is full and no signs of leaks, the issue might be with the slipping belt

Failed Air Conditioning

If the air conditioning fails to produce cold air, it might indicate a failing belt. This might be a cause of the belt failing to turn the compressor at full speed.

Squealing Noises

When the engine is running, a failing serpentine may produce squealing noises due to misaligned pulley or belt spilling. It might start as a faint sound, which gets worse, indicating severity and need for replacement.

Overheated Engine

The water pump that cools the engine is activated by the serpentine. The damaged water pump fails to activate the water, and this makes the engine overhear.

For any serpentine changes and diagnosis, drive at our auto repair shop and let our ASE certified experts complete the repairs.