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Symptoms of Failing Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs might be small, but they are mighty and are a vital piece of preserving your car. For instance, they must constantly transmit electrical signals to the ignition coil, which moves your vehicle. They provide the “spark” that powers your engine. We recommend that you regularly examine your spark plugs to ensure the efficiency of your ignition and combustion system. 


“What are the symptoms to look for in bad spark plugs?” you might ask. Here are the tops signs that your current spark plugs are failing:


Engine Is Misfiring or Stalls

Old, worn-out spark plugs have a more challenging time creating the spark that powers your motor. When the wire connection to your spark plugs is damaged, the engine will experience stuttering. If your car stalls when you are trying to turn it on, there could be a problem with spark plugs or damaged spark plug wires. 


Poor Fuel Economy

If you notice that you aren’t pushing the miles per gallon (MPG) you used to and are stopping for gas more frequently, then it might be time to replace your spark plugs. The inefficient fuel consumption is due to incomplete air-fuel combustion. A failing spark plug can diminish your fuel efficiency by as much as 30%.


Slow Acceleration

Most drivers know the ins and outs of how their car handles and drives. If you notice that your vehicle isn’t as responsive, mainly when you slam on the gas pedal to accelerate, this could be related to a spark plug issue.


Check Engine Light Is On

Faulty spark plugs will prompt your check engine light to come on or even make it flash. This light is usually correlated to engine misfires. However, a check engine light could also be provoked by other things, not just an old spark plug. Only a professional auto expert can properly trace the problem related to your check engine light. 


Continuing to operate your vehicle with worn-out or damaged spark plugs can lead to severe engine damage, so don’t procrastinate. Give us a call or come by Super Service of Aliso Viejo today!