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Top Five Ways To Prepare Your Car For Winter Outdoor Activities

Welcome to the New Year! If you’re going out to play in the snow up in the mountains, or going skiing in Colorado, you might want to consider a few helpful steps before you head out on your adventures. These are our top 5 ways to prepare your car for winter activities:

  • Give the Tires a lot of love. Get a tire inflator that works from the road and fill your tires to the correct pressure before you start out. Check your tire tread and the rotation of the tires. Consider snow tires or all-weather tires if you’re going deep into snow somewhere.
  • Top up your fluids. This is a really obvious thing, but if you’ve not looked into the maintenance of your car in a few months, do it before you head into snow. Change your oil and antifreeze. Make sure the winter windshield wiper fluid is in your tank, to prevent it freezing.
  • Prepare an emergency kit. You want things to help you get out of snow if you slide into a snow bank, like a small shovel and a piece of old carpet slightly wider than your car is (to lay under your tires for traction). But an updated first-aid kit and emergency provisions would not be a bad addition, either.
  • Inspect your battery. Check the charge and look for signs of corrosion. 
  • Fix your heater. Make sure your heater is in the proper working order, because it’s terrible to be in the snow when the car isn’t warming for you.

With the exception of the emergency kit and a tire inflator, we can help you sort out most of these needs. Stay safe if you travel into cold weather conditions! If you need more cold-weather advice, come schedule an appointment and speak to Bob or Andrew about it, we’re glad to offer some travel advice. We look forward to seeing you soon!