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What Is a Soft Brake Pedal Telling You?

When driving your car, you'll find yourself stepping on the brakes. Each time you press the brakes, the pressure you exert is immediately increased and transferred to the brake calipers hence your vehicle decelerates or stops.


If your car has a soft or spongy brake pedal, you should know what it's telling you and be worried.


If your car's master cylinder, brake calipers, brake fluid, or brake lines and hoses are defective, it could trigger the soft brake pedal problem. A swift manual will help detect and change a spongy brake pedal to give you and your family a safe ride. Read on to identify some reasons your car may have soft brake pedal issues.


Hydraulic Problems

Considerably, the widely known reason for a spongy brake pedal is air within the brake system. The brake structure works efficiently due to the incompressible nature of the brake fluid; hence it transfers the entire force to the four brakes.


However, the air is compressible, transferring nearly zero pressure to the brakes. Your feet compress the air first when you step onto the brakes, which takes time and delays or reduces decelerating on one or more wheels.


Mechanical Problems

Somehow less prevalent and difficult to notice are brake mechanical glitches. Other than steals, hoses, and tubing, the brake system also consists of different mechanical parts. Clutched brake caliper sliders are part of them and are a highly prevalent mechanical problem.


If a slider clutches up or a brake plug seizes up, the caliper will exert force on one end of the pad. The struck pad coils back; hence, it feels like air in the brake line.



Do not use an anti-seize as grease. Any grease that contains petroleum lacks the temperature resistance required. On the sliders, you should apply heavy silicone lubricant and ensure the dust boots are in position.


A soft brake pedal can raise braking distance; hence stopping during an emergency condition becomes risky. If you need brake repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle into Super Service of Aliso Viejo today!