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What Is An OBD Scanner Used For?

We've all been victim to a frightening check engine light before. One of the reasons why drivers dread this repair is because check engine lights can mean so many different things. That is why it is essential to take your car to an auto repair shop, so they can properly diagnose your vehicle problem using a scan tool.

At Super Service of Aliso Viejo, we use the latest and most accurate scanners to diagnose your check engine light. To do so, we will plug the OBD scanner into your vehicle's OBD port. Your car will then send the necessary code to the scanner, which a skillful technician can decipher. Because the coding language can be complex for the average person to understand, you should take your vehicle to a qualified professional. 

The letters in OBD stand for On-Board Diagnostics. In most vehicles, it records data from the Electronic Control Units (ECU), which holds messages from various sensors throughout your car. Every time you turn on your vehicle, the OBD system is activated, and you never even notice it. It will do a check every time upon startup. If the system reads an error, it will cause the corresponding dashboard warning light to come on. 

The onboard diagnostics system can detect weaknesses across all parts that may impact your engine performance. Some of these areas include:

  • Engine components
  • Fuel system
  • Emissions system
  • Speed controls
  • Computer systems
  • Transmission system
  • Vehicle body & chassis
  • and more.

If you notice your check engine light on, please seek help as soon as you can before the problem worsens. Your check engine light may blink in some situations, meaning that the damage is severe. Please pull over to a safe spot and call for a tow if this happens to you.

Look no further than Super Service of Aliso Viejo if you need engine diagnostics. We will diagnose your vehicle using our state-of-the-art OBD scan tools and give you the proper repairs to have your car running safely again. For check engine diagnostics, please bring your vehicle to our shop today.